National Integrity Strategy (NIS)

Anti-Corruption Commission call: 106

List of Documents

Sl Title Documents
1 National Integrity Strategy of Bangladesh Download
2 Final Report on National Integrity Strategy Support Project in People's Republic of Bangladesh Download

National Integrity Strategy (NIS) Quarterly Progress Report of SFIL

Sl Title Quarter / Work Plan Year Documents
1 NIS report 3rd quarter (January- March 2023) Q3 2022-2023 Download
2 SFIL NIS Work Plan 2022-2023 Work Plan 2022-2023 Download
3 SFIL NIS Report (2022-2023) 2nd Quarter October - December 2022 Q2 2022-2023 Download
4 SFIL NIS Report 1st Quarter July-September 2022 Q1 2022-2023 Download

Integrity Awards

Sl Title Year Documents
1 Test Award File 2020 Download