No matter how difficult we attempt to make our lives better because we can’t anticipate what’s going to happen tomorrow. And for that reason, saving up a security amount may be a really good thought. The more you save, the more secure you may be. Select SFIL Investment Funds & Deposits, and appreciate a life free of worries, the life that you need and your family rightfully deserves!


  • Customers will receive profit (with Principal amount or without Principal Amount) on maturity.
  • Tenure from 3 Months to 12 Months.
  • Minimum Amount BDT 50,000.
  • Attractive Rate of return.
  • Preferential Rate for Senior Citizen & Women depositors.

Required Documents

    For individual clients the following documents are required to be submitted along with the deposit application form. Generally, these documents are needed to be submitted once if you even maintain multiple deposits with SFIL.

  • Properly filled-up deposit application form and customer registration form.
  • Passport size photograph of depositor(s).
  • Photocopy of valid identification document - National ID card/ Passport of depositor(s) and nominee.
  • Passport size Photograph(s) of depositor(s) and nominee.

  • For existing client required only application form and cheque and nominee pic (if required) For corporate clients following documents are needed:

  • Properly fill up Corporate Customer Registration Form (CCRF) and Corporate Application form.
  • Properly fill up Corporate signatory form with Passport size photo of all signatories along with.
  • Forwarding letter in their letter head.
  • Board resolution on signatories.
  • Trade license(In Case of Proprietorship).
  • Article of association or by laws or Memorandum of association.
  • For existing clients required only application form and cheque and forwarding letter.


Terms & Conditions


Deposit should be made by A/C payee cheque in favor of "Strategic Finance & Investments Limited.". It would be ideal if you note that SFIL does not get any cash sum from clients for any purpose.

Mode of Acceptance:

Deposits have to be made by A/C payee cheque in favor of "Strategic Finance & Investments Limited." If it's not too much trouble note that SFIL does not get or give any cash entirely from clients for any reason. An suitably filled-up application shape got to go with the cheque in conjunction with other required records. Store frequently will be made from depositor’s bank account and the interest or central will additionally be traded to that account through Bangladesh Electronic Fund Trade Orchestrate (BEFTN) system.

Mode of Repayment:

The depositor is required to return his/her unique store certificate to SFIL with required marks to en-cash his/her deposit. Payments will be made in favor of his/her bank account as per SFIL record through Bangladesh Electronic Finance Exchange Arrange (BEFTN) system.

Premature Encashment:

Untimely encashment may be permitted as it were after completion of three months of the store. In such cases, the rate of return will be calculated at 2% lower than the contract rate except Simple Deposit.


Deposit will be automatically renewed with accrued interest from the date of maturity at the then prevailing rate of return unless otherwise advised.

Taxes and Excise Duties:

Charge on benefit and Extract Obligation will be appropriate as per government rules and controls. Any other charges forced by the government, controller of any other important specialist from time to time will moreover be appropriate.

Loan Repayment:

Depositor can repay the loan anytime. At the time of repayment, the interest sum would be balanced to begin with and the remaining adjustment would be balanced with the central sum. Credit sum and interest would be balanced with the deposit development esteem in case reimbursement is not made some time recently maturity.

Deposit Transfer :

SFIL deposits are not transferable.


SFIL deserves the right to change the terms and conditions mentioned above without prior notice to customers.

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