Millionaire Scheme

What is the eligibility?

Customers will be allowed to open any number of this scheme in his/her own name or jointly:

Minimum Age: 18

Citizen of Bangladesh.

What is the Maturity value of the scheme?

Customers are eligible for receiving BDT One Million (interest plus principal) on maturity of the Deposit.

What is the tenor?

The tenor of this scheme is 3/4/5/6/7 years.

What is the minimum amount?

Please see below the chart.

Is there any initial deposit required for this scheme?

Customer can open this scheme with or without Initial deposit.

What is the payment method at maturity?

Cheque or BEFTN, whichever customer wants to avail. The Cheque will be issued in favor of the customer.

How SFIL collect the monthly installment of the scheme?

You can pay monthly installment either through BEFTN or Standing Instruction (SI) from your Bank Account.

Is there any loan facility against the deposit?

The LAD (Loan Against Deposit) facility may be allowed up to 90% of the deposited amount subject to a minimum number of 6 installments being realized.

What is the installment date?

Installment must be deposited within the 1st to 25th day of the each month (as selected by the depositor)

Requirement for the Individual Applicants?

Tenor wise Deposit amount

Contact Person

Branch Manager
Phone: (+88) 01730728281