Corporate Social Responsibilities

The “Social Contract” between the corporation and the community is critically important for SFIL Finance PLC. CSR is ingrained in our corporate culture and it is a part and parcel of what we do. SFIL Finance PLC. has incorporated CSR activities into its core strategic business planning and translated it into action across different areas and communities of the country. There are three strategic areas we have selected to contribute:


Expanding literacy and the development of education is the fundamental urgency to go for a prosperous Bangladesh. We always consider education to be the strongest apparatus for the sustainable development of our country. We also believe that education is to be always aligned with creative and resourceful activities like debates, art competitions, science fairs, etc. Accordingly, we always emphasize extra-curriculum activities apart from conventional education. Our activities in the educational sector include Initiatives to enhance the capability of extra-curriculum involvement of school-college-university students.

  1. Scholarship for poor and brilliant students.
  2. Financial support for education for underprivileged children.
  3. Extensive literacy programs.
  4. Educate the next generation of consumers in our markets on how to save, spend, borrow and manage money wisely.
  5. Donation to Educational Institutions for educational development purpose.
  6. Initiatives on debate programs, knowledge-enhancement seminars, career fairs, art competitions, essay writing competitions, educational fairs, science fairs, a donation to student reunions, etc.


Global warming and environmental degradation is now a burning issue all across the world. Though not responsible that much, yet Bangladesh is a major victim of this environmental degradation. To fight against this menace, we have to look forward towards a green atmosphere along with creating mass attention. SFIL Finance PLC. has always been a strong stakeholder to participate in activities to protect our environment. A pollution-free and sustainable environment is necessary for the continuation of the human race on earth. But our negligence towards the environment is apparent in the continuous degrading of the environment. Thus awareness-raising campaign is very significant to the environment. At the same time strengthening community mechanisms is also needed to enhance the local capacity to fight against environmental degradation. It believes that it’s high time to take effective measures for a sound environment through proper mitigation and adaptation process. Initiatives/Donation to activities to protect climate/environment. Our activities in this sector include:

  • Create awareness regarding climate change and environmental degradation (tree plantation, seminars on ecological balance, disaster management initiative/ support, etc).
  • Efforts to go towards a greener atmosphere.
  • Drawing attention to general & specific problems of our environment and also to educate common people on such issues.
  • Initiatives towards Less Fuel consumption and energy saving.


Health hazards are very common in a country like ours; sometimes in contagious, sometimes in non-contagious, and sometimes in epidemic form. We are in high need to develop more hospitals and medical colleges where the destitute will get easy access. Moreover, it’s also important to patronize non – profit NGOs to work in this sector. Whatever the form is, SFIL Finance PLC. is determined to help build up a healthy Bangladesh. SFIL Finance PLC. will contribute to different projects for the improvement of the health sector in Bangladesh. Some of these are improvement in medical education, survival and healthy development of children, health and wellbeing of women, disability reduction, and the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles, etc. Our activities in Health Sector include:

  • Financial Assistance to poor and destitute for their health issues.
  • Donation to Non-Profit organizations for working on child health, disability, underprivileged children, etc.
  • Donation to Non-Profit organizations that give free treatment to the destitute.
  • Social awareness during the outbreak of epidemics, plague, or other severe contagious diseases.
  • Awareness of survival and healthy development of children.
  • Initiatives to create awareness about the health and wellbeing of women.
  • Public awareness on the maintenance of healthy lifestyles etc.
  • Donating to different health-care institutions.

CSR Activities of Past Years

CSR Activities of 2nd half (July-December 2022)


Recently as a part of social responsibility SFIL conducted a blanket distribution program with the help of Obhizatrik Foundation among the underprivileged children.  On behalf of SFIL Honourable Deputy Managing Director Mr. Tamim Marzan Huda distributed blankets among the children.





As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility recently SFIL donated to Biddanondo Foundation's Orphanage located in Bandarban and Biddanondo Mother and Childcare Hospital in Chattogram to improve their infrastructure and ensure better medical and healthcare facilities. On behalf of SFIL Honourable Managing Director & CEO Mr. Irteza Ahmed Khan and Senior Vice President Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman handover the donation cheque to representative from Biddanondo Foundation.





As a part of social responsibility recently SFIL donated to “Madrasha Darul Ulum Rahmania Islampur” for the purpose of providing educational materials and books to the students of Madrasah. On behalf of SFIL Honourable Managing Director and CEO Mr. Irteza Ahmed Khan and Deputy Managing Director Mr. Tamim Maryan Huda handed over the donation cheque to the Muhaddis of the said Madrasa Mr. Md. Hefaz Uddin.




As a part of corporate social responsibilities, SFIL supported to Mrs. Umme Hani Begum who is an old age woman and currently admitted in hospital. On behalf of SFIL Senior Assistant Vice President Mr. Imran Parvez and In-Charge, HR Mr. Subrata Rudra handed over the donation cheque.